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What We Do


The Tower is a specialist generator repair company and stands ready to offer you the best service. The company works in a sustainable and ethical way and its team is made up of the most qualified professionals in the market. The company is concerned with providing fair and highly competitive prices. Tower delivers quality, high performance products and services. The company is a leader in the sector.

A diesel power generator can have a life span for decades, but it needs maintenance procedures so that its durability is guaranteed. Although a generator set is a relatively simple machine and has few moving parts, it contains sensitive components that need regular care. The maintenance of a generator requires some measures to be carried out daily, and others every 250 hours of operation. We have prepared a basic checklist for maintenance of the diesel generator, so that your machine achieves the best performance for longer.

But do you know what types of generators are available in the market?

• For example, a 1000 kVA generator is designed to meet the demands of large size, companies, companies, hypermarkets, hospitals and electric service units in great demands to maintain uninterrupted operation.

• Power generators from 20 to 150 kVA can be used to meet small and medium-sized demands, such as small markets, residential and commercial condominiums, civil construction, events, restaurants, among many other applications.

• Independent of the efficiency, the important one is providing the automated skills to size of group generator, which is the equipment for higher electrical power of better form.

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We work with a well diversified portfolio of energy supply equipment, starting from 25 kVA power generators and reaching up to 1,875 kVA. There is also a possibility of reaching higher by connecting the generator sets in parallel. In addition to other equipment such as air compressors and lighting towers.

In addition to the location of the power generator for the events, from the study and evaluation of the product to the maintenance and protection, the layout of the projects, the execution of processes and facilities for the provision of quality services.


Our focus is on evaluating our customers’ individual maintenance needs and operational requirements to provide optimal services that ensure the highest reliability and quality you expect.


We value our customers and are committed to delivering a broad range of tailor-made and cost-effective component MRO services that meet our customers’ diverse needs. By taking the time to get to know our customers and their operation, we are capable of providing maintenance solutions designed to keep your operating costs down while increasing your flight revenue.


By employing the most advanced technologies, skilled technicians, coupled with our suite of NDT diagnostics, we provide our customers with highly efficient MRO solutions that result in maximized component performance and reduced maintenance requirements.


Our dedicated technical team, account managers and support professionals are committed to the highest levels of safety and time-critical responsiveness working together towards one common goal; customer satisfaction. By leveraging our years of MRO experience, proven track record and extensive capabilities we are able to provide our customers with a level of reliability unparalleled in the industry

Repairs of Aircraft

We perform repairs of aircraft components.
Tower has experience and excellence in services and a very competitive aerospace environment. Our customers are manufacturers, airlines, governments and brokers worldwide. Tower is ready to provide you with a full range of aircraft parts and accessories 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Located in Miami, Tower Innovation specializes in the distribution of parts, supplies and aeronautical components for Commercial Aviation and Executive Aviation, as well as for Aircraft Sports and Ultralight. Our mission is simple: deliver the right part, in the right place, for the right price – within the stipulated timeframe. By partnering with the best suppliers in the world and allied to modern logistics processes, we optimize the safety and efficiency of your aircraft operations.

Rise above the competition with customized global logistics solutions.
Expeditors’ comprehensive logistics and trade services for aviation and aerospace include support for aircraft, component and raw material manufacturers, as well as airlines, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies.

Our global supply chain solutions start with an important supply chain assessment – essential for a comprehensive understanding on which to design a customized program that accompanies a rapidly changing industry. Tower Innovation’s aviation and aerospace experts apply a wealth of experience and knowledge to expose opportunities for supply chain enhancements.

Our Ground Aviation Logistics (AOG) and spare parts teams work to provide essential and time sensitive components, large or small.

Each custom solution is designed to address the industry’s unique logistics challenges and to ensure end-to-end operation of your supply chain.

Tower Innovation provides additional solutions through:
Airline Lifecycle Support
Asset Management
Catering logistics services
Critical Logistics Services / AOG
Consolidation and repair and return of components
Motor and transportation of large equipment
Warehouse and distribution management certified by aviation
Military programs

International Trading

Tower Innovation relies on integrated logistics project management, a creative and personalized transportation plan,
and a network of strategically placed cargo transportation experts to oversee the movement every step of the way.
Energy service and design experts also work to ensure that routing and the most appropriate modes of transportation are used,
while helping you understand all aspects of your transportation costs. Size,
weight and complexity are challenges that we conquer every day.

Renewable energy
Infrastructure projects
Aircraft manufacturers


Our partners and Clients

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and

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